New team member joins The Man Behind The Miracle Mile

News from FRANZ STAMPFL: THE MAN BEHIND THE MIRACLE MILE: We are delighted to welcome a new team member to Franz Stampfl: The Man Behind the Miracle Mile – Marg Woodlock-McLean (Associate Producer). Marg is one of Franz’s original Australian squad back in 1956.  A 1956 Olympian (Shot Put) and Australian Champion, Marg is working with[…]

Thor meets Shakespeare – and they seem to be getting along famously …

Anyone who knows anything about Kenneth Branagh, knows that his reputation as a director pretty much came from his work with bringing Shakespeare to the screen, including some rather amazing, bigger-than-Ben-Hur film adaptations (Hamlet, anyone?).  Which is why, despite some people scratching their heads at the decision, the announcement that Marvel had hired him to[…]