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(Above) Cast of A Little Rain Must Fall. L-R: Rebecca Nunn, Joanna Goodchild, Zara Balfour, Sally McLean and Aki Omori (1997)

(Above) Director and "Brigit", Sally McLean with Director of Photography, Yanni Dellaportas and Production Designer, John Hall on the set of "Brigit & Benny: A Modern Faerietale" (2005)

(Above) Cast of "Chasing Pegasus: A Play in Ten Chords". L-R: Tanya McCall, Sarah Penn, Charity Shaw, Kathleen Ronchi, Hannah Fox, Bridget Neval, Michael Clayton, Ross Ryan, Sally McLean, Peter Flaherty and Jennifer Hansen. Photo by Yanni Dellaportas.

(Above) Cast of "Why Must The Show Go On?". L-R: Perri Cummings, Sally McLean and Nathan Strauss.  Photo by Michelle Felix.


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Melbourne Weekender segment, Channel 7 Melbourne, September 2006

Preview of Shakespeare Republic, The Act of Storytelling, September, 2015
Art Smitten Interview, SYN FM, August 30, 2015
JOY 94.9FM “Escape Pod” Program Interview,
 October 11, 2014
ABC Radio774 “Overnights” Program Interview, August 19, 2014
BBC Radio 3 “Free Thinking” Program Interview (UK), May 6, 2014
RPP FM “Sugar n’ Spice” Program Interview, October 24, 2013
REVIEW: Chasing Pegasus (a play in ten chords), 3RRR, October 2006
ABC Radio Interview, Sally McLean's ABC Radio Interview with Derek Guille, ABC774 July 2004

Shakespeare Republic, We are moving stories, April, 2016
Ben Steel as Shakespeare's Juliet, (UK), October 25, 2015
Alan Fletcher takes on Shakespeare, Neighbours News, Tenplay, September 4, 2015
Australia's Shakespeare, The Shakespeare Blog (UK), September 1, 2015
Crowdfund this!, Lee Zachariah's Very Own Web Page, August 15, 2014
The amazing life of QE's wartime athletics coach, The Elizabethan (UK), July 31, 2014
A Life Unexpected: The Man Behind The Miracle Mile,
Running Divas, July 29, 2014
The Future is in the Past,
RUN Magazine (Singapore), November 11, 2013
Bob & Judy to feature in 'doco' A Life Unexpected,
3RPP-FM, October 25, 2013
Documentary profiles an unsung hero,
IF Magazine, July 23, 2013
Wide shot at rare life,
The Stonnington Leader, July 24, 2012
Taking a look at Franz Stampfl,
Live For The Run (USA), June 28, 2012
Roger Bannister, Chris Chataway, Ulick O'Connor in "A Life Unexpected"
, Bring Back The Mile (USA), May 19, 2012
Sally's home to make a new movie,
Mornington Life Magazine, March 10, 2012 
Der unbekannte Gigant,
ÖLV Nachrichen (Austria), November 18, 2011
Dunera Boy, Franz Stampfl: The Movie,
Club Troppo, July 7, 2011
REVIEW: Chasing Pegasus (A Play In Ten Chords), Theatre Australia, October 2006
Chasing Pegasus, The Mail, October 2006
Experienced cast strikes a chord, The Leader, October 2006
Star cast in fringe hit, The Standard, October 2006
Pegasus wings into Mt Martha, The Mail, October 2006
Breaking Showbiz News: 'Chasing Pegasus' at Mt Martha, Melbourne Observer, October 2006
REVIEW: Theatre that makes you think, TheatreAlive, October 2006
Neighbours Stars Take to the Stage,, October 2006
Chasing Pegasus (a play in ten chords), Arts Hub Australia (Feature Article), October 2006
Black Book Interview, "M" Magazine, The Sunday Age, October 2006
Theatre & Shows To See, "M" Magazine, The Sunday Age, October 2006
My Family Album, The Sunday Herald Sun, September 2006
Cheeky actor gets scream role, Free Press Leader, September 2006
From a different script, The Age Green Guide, September 2006
Chasing Pegasus (a play in ten chords), Metro News, September 2006
Jen Hansen’s Chasing Pegasus, Ros Reine's Gossip, August 2006
"Whispers" Column, The Sunday Herald Sun, July 2006
Quick flick set for Cannes: a fairytale film journey, The Weekender (Front Page & Feature Story), March, 2005
Brigit and Benny off to Cannes, The Mail, March 2005
Writer's Chance, The Leader, July 2005
Acting Up Returns, The Mail, December 2005
Playing for attention Pt. II, Arts Hub Australia, December 2005
Playing for attention Pt. III, Arts Hub Australia, December 2005
REVIEW: 'Till The Boys Come Home (as PS I Love You), Stage Whispers, October 2004
REVIEW: 'Till The Boys Come Home (as PS I Love You), Reviewed by Peter Kemp, August 2004
Hearts on the line, The Weekender (Front Page & Feature Story), July 2004
Keeping home fires burning, The Age, July 2004
Love story set in wartime, The Leader, July 2004
World Premier of "PS I Love You", The Mail, July 2004
Life during wartime now a hit on stage, The Weekender, July 2004
Chasing Pegasus at Mt Martha House, The Mail, December 2003
Screenwriters hooked, The Leader, November 2003
Now's the time to act up, The Weekender, October 2003
Chance to act up on film, The Independent, October 2003
REVIEW: Chasing Pegasus (a play in ten chords), Tara Wilkins, Theatre Talk
Forever Chasing Funds, The Age, February 1998
Super Star Coup For Sally, The Flier, October 1997
British Acting Star Lends Support, The Standard, October 1997
British Star Actor Lends Support, The Leader, October 1997