Champion (Documentary) (2016, Australia)

in association with Finish Line Films Pty Ltd
Written & Directed by Sally McLean, Produced by Ben Steel & Sally McLean, Executive Produced by Phil Craig & Robert Lewis Galinsky



This is the inspirational true story of artist turned world-renowned athletics coach - Franz Stampfl.

Through interview, re-enactment and archive material this documentary shines a light on a hero of the sporting and motivational arenas - a man who inspired others to strive for excellence in their own lives and careers with wisdom, laughter and by the example of his own life experience.

Since his passing in 1995, Stampfl has slipped into the footnotes of history, virtually unknown in his native Austria and barely remembered even in sporting circles. A hugely successful pioneer of sports psychology and sports science, as well as Interval Training, this is a story that is long overdue in the telling...

Featuring interviews with International sporting luminaries such as Sir Roger Bannister, Sir Christopher Chataway, John Landy, Ron Clarke, Ralph Doubell and Herb Elliot and internationally recognized playwrights Ulick O'Connor and David Williamson, among many others, Champion tells the tale of one individual's amazing life, incorporating all the twists and turns of any Hollywood blockbuster, with a fascinating and engaging cast of characters, not least of which, is Franz himself.

This is a film that shows all of us that anyone, anywhere can do anything if they just dare to believe.

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