On this day: Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Franz Stampfl’s birth

From “Franz Stampfl: A Life Unexpected” website: Today, November 18th, 2013, marks the 100th anniversary of Franz Stampfl’s birth.  To honour the occasion, the team here at “A Life Unexpected” are delighted to reveal our new trailer for the film, featuring some of our interviewees from our filming to date. In addition to Sir Roger[…]

Ben Steel joins the “A Life Unexpected” Team

NEWS FROM CURRENT PROJECT “A LIFE UNEXPECTED“: While we may have gone quiet here in our updates section of late – plenty has been going on behind-the-scenes! Firstly, we are delighted to welcome to the A Life Unexpected team, actor, writer, director and producer, Ben Steel. Ben comes from an extensive background in production, including working in[…]

A Night to Remember for A Life Unexpected

November was a busy month for the “A Life Unexpected” team, as they geared up for the official Investors’ Launch, held at St Catherine’s School, Toorak. A plethora of Olympic and Commonwealth Games luminaries were in attendance, including John Landy, Ralph Doubell, Bill Hooker, Bob Lay, Nick Regos, Bob Joyce, David Boykett, Ondine McGlashen, and Marg[…]

“A Life Unexpected” welcomes Robert “Bobby” Galinsky to the team

Things are rapidly moving forward here at “A Life Unexpected: The Franz Stampfl Story”.  Many exciting things are developing with the project, but the news we are most pleased about and are able to share is the appointment of our fantastic Executive Producer for the project – Robert “Bobby” Galinsky. Bobby’s career to date includes[…]

New “A Life Unexpected” website launched!

News from FRANZ STAMPFL: THE MAN BEHIND THE MIRACLE MILE: We are thrilled to announce that the new website design is now completed and live on the web!  In between editing the new teaser (which will be available online soon) and helping to organize the recent exclusive donor and supporter event (which happened on the[…]

New logo for the film and a big “thank you” to the two Tims!

News from FRANZ STAMPFL: THE MAN BEHIND THE MIRACLE MILE: And so … it’s time to officially unveil our new logo for the project. As you will have seen from our earlier post – the documentary has a new working title “A Life Unexpected: The Franz Stampfl Story” and to go with the new title,[…]

Farewell Europe – it’s been swell … now onto filming in Oz!

News from FRANZ STAMPFL: THE MAN BEHIND THE MIRACLE MILE: And so, it is finally over.  The first stage of filming for “Franz Stampfl: The Man Behind The Miracle Mile” is completed and “in the can” – or rather, on hard drives stored in my hand luggage with a back up copy in our Gaffer,[…]

Ah Vienna – if only we had more time to know you better …

Looking towards District 1 of Vienna from District 5 on Sunday morning It is now Day 3 of our time in Vienna. On Sunday morning we woke up to a thin layer of frost across the balcony of our penthouse apartment in Zentagasse (District 5 of Vienna) and the sound of birds combined with church[…]

Dublin calling … or “The mad day in Dublin Town that was Day 3 of filming”

News from FRANZ STAMPFL: THE MAN BEHIND THE MIRACLE MILE: The sky is so clear tonight over London that I can see the almost full moon and some stars in between the street lamps and buildings in our little lane in Soho.  It was somehow a comforting sight and a lovely one to experience at[…]

Donors for exciting new documentary project required – are you ready to be a part of history?

News from FRANZ STAMPFL: THE MAN BEHIND THE MIRACLE MILE: We are delighted to announce that Director, Sally McLean, on behalf of Franz Stampfl: The Man Behind the Miracle Mile has been approved to be officially listed on the AbaF Australia Cultural Fund (ACF) register for fundraising purposes for the project. What does this mean? Essentially,[…]