Hamlet in a bathtub, Juliet as one half of a same sex couple … Shakespeare Republic has launched!

We have launched!  And the response has been terrific so far!  We are so delighted at the feedback we have been getting online from fans to date.  Twitter, Facebook, wherever they are, the response has been so positive and we are so grateful! @doctorkk @ShakesRepublic fantastic work Alan really really good #watchandlearn — Colette Mann[…]

Incognita Design revisits AlanFletcher.net

Alan Fletcher (best known as “Dr Karl Kennedy” on Australian TV series Neighbours, who has an acting CV longer than your arm in Australian, UK and US TV, film and theatre – and is an AFI Award nominee to boot!) has been a client of Incognita’s since 2001 and during that time his sites have gone[…]

Thor meets Shakespeare – and they seem to be getting along famously …

Anyone who knows anything about Kenneth Branagh, knows that his reputation as a director pretty much came from his work with bringing Shakespeare to the screen, including some rather amazing, bigger-than-Ben-Hur film adaptations (Hamlet, anyone?).  Which is why, despite some people scratching their heads at the decision, the announcement that Marvel had hired him to[…]