Latest project from the Incognita stable to premiere at ACMI in May! #film #shakespeare #speakingdaggers

We are so delighted to announce that since releasing the final episode of Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard (Season Two), we have filmed and have nearly completed post-production on our first commissioned film project for the Republic universe: Speaking Daggers! Starring Michala Banas, Nadine Garner, Christopher Kirby, Sally McLean, Scott Major, Faran Martin, Jaron Natoli and Billy[…]

Where were you on April 1st? Yes, we’re serious!

News from A LIFE UNEXPECTED: THE FRANZ STAMPFL STORY April 1st is known to many as April Fools Day.  Whether it began, as some think, with Chaucer or from earlier Persian traditions, no one is truly sure.  All we knew for sure this April the 1st was that we were finally going to be able to share[…]