NEW: Alice in Wonderland Grunge Leather Handbag

And now, a word from The Shakespeare Shoppe: Okay, so not really Shakespeare-related in a direct sense, but in a literary/English/classic text sense … it qualifies for inclusion.  Really, it’s just because we really like this design and love these handbags – which is why this one features here, despite a somewhat tenuous link to[…]

FEATURED: Shakespeare Hamlet Quote Women’s Dark T-shirt

And now, a word from The Shakespeare Shoppe: We love this tee (if we say so ourselves).  This great quality women’s dark t-shirt sporting the famous quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “This above all: to thine own self be true” is currently proving to be highly popular here at The Shakespeare Shoppe – and it’s not[…]

The Shakespeare Shoppe now on Ebay – with handbags!

And now, a word from The Shakespeare Shoppe: We are very excited to announce that The Shakespeare Shoppe is now on Ebay!  AND … we’re selling a new range of products, exclusive to our Ebay store (ie – you’ll only get them on Ebay – they are not available here on our main site). We[…]

Thor meets Shakespeare – and they seem to be getting along famously …

Anyone who knows anything about Kenneth Branagh, knows that his reputation as a director pretty much came from his work with bringing Shakespeare to the screen, including some rather amazing, bigger-than-Ben-Hur film adaptations (Hamlet, anyone?).  Which is why, despite some people scratching their heads at the decision, the announcement that Marvel had hired him to[…]