164% FUNDED!!

We are so incredibly humbled, grateful and so, so very thankful to all our amazing donors who gave to our “Dark Arcadia” Australian Cultural Fund campaign, who not only brought us to our stretch goal, but punched through it to bring us to 164% FUNDED with ONE DAY LEFT ON THE CAMPAIGN!! YOU ALL ROCK!!

Words truly cannot express how grateful we all are for your generosity. And the global nature of your generosity, with donors from Australia, the UK, NZ and the USA! A huge thank you must also go out to everyone who shared our posts and put up with our AI generated campaign post experiments and our regular bombardment on socials over the past two months. Independent film, web series and live performance does not happen without a village of support and help – and we are so grateful and thrilled to have you all as part of our village on this project.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! You are extraordinary. Time for a celebratory cup of coffee in the Incognita office, before heading back into pre-production paperwork! You have made our year people. Gratitude.