“a fish is a terrible friend” reading – this Friday!

Photo: Phoebe Anne Taylor, Sarah Hallam and Paul Rochford during rehearsal for “a fish is a terrible friend”. Pic: Sally McLean

Rehearsal yesterday for “a fish is a terrible friend” was so much fun! Come join us for the first public play reading of new Australian play “a fish is a terrible friend” by Arteles Creative Centre alumni, Phoebe Anne Taylor and featuring these fabulous actors – live on stage this Friday, March 8!


  • Sarah Hallam as “Omega”
  • Paul Rochford as “Alpha”
  • Sally McLean as “Omega’s Subconscious” &
  • Phoebe Taylor as “Narrator”

All details & booking info: https://events.humanitix.com/playing-up-montsalvat-a-fish-is-a-terrible-friend

Come support independent theatre!