Hamlet in a bathtub, Juliet as one half of a same sex couple … Shakespeare Republic has launched!

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We have launched!  And the response has been terrific so far!  We are so delighted at the feedback we have been getting online from fans to date.  Twitter, Facebook, wherever they are, the response has been so positive and we are so grateful!

They ranged from the lovely tweet from Collette Mann (above) with the hashtag #watchandlearn to a more comedic bent, such as this one:

And some lovely kudos from popular Shakespeare places on the web, such as the fabulous Shakespeare Magazine:

We are now up to Episode 4: Ben Steel as Juliet, you can check out all the episodes available online on our YouTube Channel here. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with some of our favourite tweets so far in reaction to the series. Enjoy!

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