Incognita Creative Director Sally McLean on Global Collaborations Panel at IOWF

It was wonderful to have Incognita Enterprises’ Creative Director, Sally McLean as part of the Global Collaborations in Creative Storytelling Panel at the International Online Web Fest yesterday with the fabulous Juliana Del Rosso, writer and actor in “What Happened On The Tenth Floor” web series from Brazil (currently based in Ireland), hosted by Nick Bigtower, Festival Director, IOWF, based in Milan, Italy.

The conversation was wide-ranging and insightful, discussing how technology has opened up opportunities for creatives to work across countries, collaborating at all stages of production – with both Sally and Juliana sharing some really interesting insights as actors, and also creators of their own work.

You can watch this panel, plus all the other panels from the festival and the Awards happening later today Australian time, wherever you are in the world, by purchasing a ticket here: AND if you use our special discount code – WALK30F – at checkout, you’ll snag yourself a 30% discount on all tickets (apart from the daily ticket)! So get on it!

Thank you again to the IOWF for including Walking Shadows Vol. 2 in the line up, for having Sally on this fascinating panel and for nominating the series in your Awards! We love Italy!