Incognita Design revisits

Screenshot of – design by incognita

Alan Fletcher (best known as “Dr Karl Kennedy” on Australian TV series Neighbours, who has an acting CV longer than your arm in Australian, UK and US TV, film and theatre – and is an AFI Award nominee to boot!) has been a client of Incognita’s since 2001 and during that time his sites have gone through a number of changes and upgrades, as sites will do. So it was with great delight that Incognita took the brief from Alan that it was time to overhaul the entire site structure and look to make it more modern in tone, but simpler in use. This, of course, meant a lot more back-end programming to achieve this end – to help make things more automatic for visitors, as well as interactive, but it was a much needed reworking of the site and both Alan and Incognita were very pleased with the results.

Included in the update was the Fanzone – a seperate site on the domain, which is the primary information hub for fans, media and other interested parties. More videos and audio files were added, a gallery where fans can upload their favourite photos as well as view others already on the system, a fan forum, press articles, official photo galleries, voice tones for download, music tracks for download, e-newsletter sign up and a whole lot more were added and added to over the redesign phase, ending up with a site that is colourful and bright, as well as informative and – most of all – fun!

“Brilliant work Sal. Test drove everything and it all works beautifully and looks fantastic! I am loving your work! “– Alan Fletcher

Visit the Official website of Alan Fletcher HERE.