Incognita Design: The new Official Tommy Rando Website

Screenshot of Official Tommy Rando Website - design by incognita

Australian musician Tommy Rando came to Incognita to initially design his EP launch site in 2010. In May this year, he was ready to create his official site and again turned to Incognita as a designer. And we were delighted to work with Tommy again – not just because of his excellent taste in web designers 😉 but also because we just love his music – which is a good thing as it was on constant repeat play while this site was being created (and we’re still running it through the office iTunes player – and still loving it!).

Tommy wanted a site that was clean, easy to access, providing information for fans, media and other interested parties. An important element was a music player that would play his latest EP “Signature” automatically once the site loaded – and then keep playing, uninterrupted, while the visitor clicked through each page. Normally with html programming, this is a challenge, but Incognita incorporated a Flash player that “remembered” where each track was from page to page – which then continuously played with only a slight pause between each page click – meaning the music was uninterrupted until the visitor clicked the stop button on the player themselves.

Social media also played an important part – the “Updates” page incorporates Tommy’s Twitter feed as the primary information source and links to all his social media profiles appear in the menu of each page. Using Tommy’s latest promo shot as inspiration for colours for the site – we ended up with a website that fulfilled the brief and showcases Tommy and his music via a professional, slick and informative web presence – that we had a ball designing!

“Thank you for your energy and efforts, Sal – you are wonderful.” – Tommy Rando

You can see the Official Tommy Rando Site (and hear his music for yourself) HERE.