Introducing The Shakespeare Shoppe Web TV Series!

Yep, it’s true – The Shakespeare Shoppe now has it’s very own web TV series, called The Shakespeare Shoppe Product Web Series! (Yes, okay, we know, not that inventive, but we didn’t say we emulated Shakespeare – just that we like him.  Oh, okay, we’ll work on the title and get back to you …)

The idea of this new web series is to present the various products available for purchase at The Shakespeare Shoppe.  All episodes are presented by Head Designer, Sally McLean – but we’re working on getting some special guests in on the gig as well … stay tuned.

Episode 1 covers the oversize office leather handbags currently available from The Shakespeare Shoppe on Ebay (which you’ll find here).

[youtube id=”OtKecHuvzHU&list=PL84A87A0AD86A7DA6″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” aspect_ratio=”16:9″ maxwidth=”800″]

Feel free to leave any comments or feedback and we’ll see you in Episode 2!  (okay, with a better title … we’ll keep working on that …)

The Shakespeare Shoppe Team