It’s official – Sally is now a recording artist – well, kinda …

Cover art for Breathe: relaxation exercises for actors by Sally McLean now available on

Yes, it’s finally happened.  Incognita Enterprises’ Creative Director, Sally McLean is now a recording artist.  Not as a singer (that may yet come, but not right now), no, Sally has just released her first EP – “Breathe: relaxation exercises for actors” which is now available as a hard copy CD or MP3 download at, published by Incognita Enterprises.

The collection of three relaxation exercises (there are four tracks available – including the introduction) were used regularly by Sally during her days of teaching the “Acting Up” drama workshops between 2002-2006 and created specifically for her classes as a way for her students to “relax and get present” at the start of each class.  All the students loved the exercises so much, they asked for copies on CD, which Sally happily provided.  Since then, there have been a few requests for copies, so Sally eventually bit the bullet and recorded and produced all three on CD, with an optional MP3 download so everyone could get hold of a copy and benefit from using the exercises – no matter what they do for a living.

As it says on the CD sleeve: “A collection of three guided relaxation visualization exercises for actors, designed to calm nerves, increase energy, help focus and remove tension. Created for use every day – not just for those in the acting profession but anyone who wants an instant “de-stress” to help them function at their optimum level at all times.”

Interested?  Then grab your copy now!

Breathe: Relaxation Exercises for Actors

And happy relaxing!