New logo for the film and a big “thank you” to the two Tims!

And so … it’s time to officially unveil our new logo for the project.

As you will have seen from our earlier post – the documentary has a new working title “A Life Unexpected: The Franz Stampfl Story” and to go with the new title, we have a fantastic new logo designed by graphic artist extraordinaire, Tim Hoffman.

After a casual lunchtime meeting with Tim (and his lovely wife Radyn, who is one of my oldest friends) where we ended up discussing ideas on how to represent Franz and his life in graphic form, I had a bit of an initial play with the conclusions we came up with, working from a photo of Franz from the 1950’s and creating a couple of images to begin the re-branding process – and while the result was … okay … it wasn’t nearly of a good enough standard (in my opinion) to be used.  I emailed my efforts over to Tim for his feedback and he got really enthusiastic and asked if he could take the ideas further.  “Absolutely!”  was my unhesitating response.

To cut a semi-long story short – not long after his offer and with only a few email exchanges for tweaking purposes, Tim presented me with the following image:

A Life Unexpected: The Franz Stampfl Story Logo (designer: Tim Hoffman)

I love it.  The whole team loves it and we all agree that Tim has done a pretty amazing and rather brilliant job of realising on “canvas” what we were after.  The “images within an image” concept has really worked and we think encapsulated Franz and his story – a man of many interests and experiences who always looked forward, never back.

So we’d like to say THANK YOU TIM!!  We’re really excited with this new direction and this new logo for the film is, we think, perfect 🙂

The website has been updated with the new image, but the design of the site is now being completely redone in line with the new branding for the project.  That should launch in the next week or so.

In the meantime, I am in an edit suite, cutting a teaser from the footage we shot in November in the UK, Ireland and Austria.  And here is where the other Tim comes into the story – our intrepid Cinematographer, Tim Egan.  Tim, recently returned from shooting in LA, has very kindly given me access to his edit suite to begin synching and cutting segments of the film together under his guidance.  I am so very grateful to him for doing this, as without his offer of help, this aspect would not be able to be completed.

So, again, I’d like to say THANK YOU TIM (EGAN)!!  And I’ll see you tomorrow in the studio.

Now you can see why I titled this post the way I did.

These two Tim’s ROCK!  And their help and generous support of the project is very much appreciated by all of us.

‘Till next time …

Sally McLean
Director/Producer (and I’ve been told to add “Writer”, because I’m doing that too …)

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