Walking Shadows Vol. 2


Written, Directed & Edited by Sally McLean. Executive Produced by Philip Hayden. Produced by Sally McLean. Co-Produced by Phoebe Anne Taylor, Christopher Kirby & Billy Smedley


It is the evening before the official program launch for the Everyman Theatre Co. After disruptions and delays, the company will finally come together to celebrate a new beginning and a revitalised company. But not everything is going to plan. Is everyone truly being their authentic selves? What is really going on behind their masks of civility? And is there really a ghost haunting their theatre and their lives? Strap in, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride …

Created & directed by award-winning actor/director, Sally McLean (Shakespeare Republic), produced by Incognita Enterprises, commissioned by the Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia and featuring their 2022 full time acting program graduates, Walking Shadows Vol. 2 is due to premiere in early 2023. Filmed on location with Cinematography by Nathan Dalton and crewed by cast members of Walking Shadows Vol. 1 (who also make cameo appearances on screen), this is the new season of the series.

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