Why Must The Show Go On?

Why Must The Show Go On? (TV Pilot) (Australia, 2010)

in conjunction with Cinema Viscera
Written by Sally McLean & Perri Cummings, Directed by Paul Anthony Nelson, Production Design by Kimberley Potts, Cinematography by Tim Egan, Produced by Ahren Morris, Executive Produced by Sally McLean & Paul Anthony Nelson



A documentary crew detail the struggle of Unbelievable Productions' visionary leader, Madeleine LaRoy (Sally McLean - THE ELEPHANT PRINCESS, BLUE HEELERS), to stage a revolutionary reboot of Shakespeare's MACBETH in space, with the help of her faithful best friend/choreographer/costume & set designer/tea lady/everything else Deirdre "Snowflake" Fleckman (Perri Cummings - "Jill Ramsay" from NEIGHBOURS).

Madeleine enlists young drama school graduate Scott Johnson (Nathan Strauss - "Jason" from the RACV ad) and alcoholic veteran of the stage Desmond Darke (Paul Dawber - BASTARD BOYS, SATISFACTION, "Kim Howard" from NEIGHBOURS) to help her mount her astounding vision. What follows can only be described as a tragical comedy of epic proportions.

"All the world's a stage ... some of us are just better players ..."

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