Sally interviewed on Big Wonder Podcast about Shorts Relief

Sally was interviewed on the fab new podcast Big Wonder last week, talking about Shorts Relief: Flicks For The Fires (do you have your tickets yet!!?), and a LOT of other things over the 90 minutes she was on air with the lovely Joshua Charles Dawe.

Joshua and Sally discussed acting, producing, writing, politics, the environment, collective consciousness, humans natural aversion to pain, more politics, other podcasts, more acting and several of Sally’s projects coming up the line.

Joshua has been interviewing quite a few actors from around Melbourne since the podcast began broadcasting in September of last year and there are 17 other episodes to listen to – all featuring some fascinating people from our screens and stages.

Here’s the link to Sally’s interview on Apple Podcasts, but you can also listen on Spotify, Anchor and pretty much everywhere good podcasts are found.


(and go buy your tickets to Shorts Relief now – before they’re all sold out!