Shakespeare Republic featured in new Arden Shakespeare collection, published by Bloomsbury Press in the UK

This rather amazing news just in – straight from our Creative Director, Sally McLean‘s Instagram account:

“There are some unexpected and wonderful surprises and and “pinch me” moments that come out of just going for it and taking a risk. “The Experiment”, also known as Shakespeare Republic, dreamed up many years ago when I graduated drama school in London, realised years later in a moment of inspired madness back home in #Melbourne, made with love, guts, generosity, blood, sweat (and yes, occasional tears!) by so many clever talented creatives who answered my call of “Hey, do you want to do some Shakespeare?”, starting back in 2015, continuing to the present moment – is the gift that just keeps on giving in just this way.

When I started the series, I had no idea how it was going to be recieved. So many wonderful awards and accolades later, I didn’t think it could give me and the team much more goodness, its been such a dream run. But, turns out, it could. Here we are, featured in an ARDEN SHAKESPEARE (!!!) collection, published by Bloomsbury Press, which explores our latest season Shakespeare Republic: #AllTheWebsAStage (The Lockdown Chronicles), alongside some of the most innovative & brilliant creatives working in this field and with two of our wonderful cast on the front cover – Leo Atkin as “Puck” and Maya Cohen as “Adriana”!! Ahhhhhhh!! I couldn’t be more thrilled, chuffed, excited, humbled and grateful if I tried!!

Huge thanks to Benjamin Broadribb, co-editor of this fascinating tome, for being so intrigued by what we created that he wanted to write about it in this way. He’s given me and my team another pinnacle moment in Shakespeare that I never saw coming and managed to put a smile on my face from what he (and co-editors Gemma Allred & Erin Sullivan) wrote about the work, that I’ve got new smile lines etched on my face for life ❤

So, so happy. So, so grateful.” – Sally McLean, Creator/Director, Shakespeare Republic

Congrats to all our Shakespeare Republic team on being included and having episodes of Season Three discussed in this new Arden Shakespeare collection alongside so many talented creatives from around the globe! Out of adversity, wonderful things can indeed happen!