Shakespeare Republic the subject of new Routledge Press collection

Did you know? We’re in a book! Shakespeare Republic Creator/Director, Sally McLean is the author of the essay “Byte-Size Shakespeare: The Irreverent Play of Shakespeare Republic”, which is included in this recently published academic tome: “Playfulness in Shakespearean Adaptations”, edited by Marina Gerzic and Aidan Norrie and published by Routledge Press. While the hardback is a tad expensive (read that as very expensive) for the average punter, there is an e-book version and eventually there will be a much more affordable paperback. It’s also available from most libraries. There are 17 essays in total on adapting Shakespeare in the 21st Century in this fabulous book from practitioners and academics from all over the world, currently working in the field of Shakespeare for performance. And we are so thrilled to be counted among their number!⁠

From the Publisher: “Drawing on theories of play and adaptation, Playfulness in Shakespearean Adaptations demonstrates how the practices of Shakespearean adaptations are frequently products of playful, and sometimes irreverent, engagements that allow new ‘Shakespeares’ to emerge, revealing Shakespeare’s ongoing impact in popular culture.”⁠

Check out the Kindle version here:…/dp/B087YK8HYB (which will also eventually have info on the paperback when it’s released).⁠