Shakespeare Republic’s new home – Ozflix

We were absolutely delighted earlier this year to be approached by Australia streaming service Ozflix who were interested in acquiring Shakespeare Republic for their platform. After much work, Seasons One & Two launched on the platform in April – and went on to have the biggest launch viewing figures in the history of the service!

Above (from top left, clockwise): Ron Brown, Sally McLean and Kristin Condon during Sally’s interview for the new Ozflix series “Ozsnax” in 2019, Billy Smedley and Sally McLean at the 2019 Ozflix Awards (as presenters), Sally McLean, Christopher Kirby and Steve Bastoni at the 2019 Ozsnax Awards (as presenters) and Kate Whitbread, Mike Cowap, Ron Brown, Sally McLean and Clayton Jacobson on the “Pathways To Success” panel at the 2019 Melbourne WebFest.

We have been delighted to be part of the Ozflix juggernaut over the past 12 months and, as was officially announced at the Ozflix Awards earlier this year, we are producing Season Three of Shakespeare Republic as an Ozflix Original, which we are so excited about.

Stay tuned for updates as things progress!

Speak very soon …

Sally, Billy & Chris
Producers, Incognita Enterprises