That’s a wrap on Walking Shadows Vol. 2

These wonderful faces ❤

A huge thanks to these members of the Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia Class of ’21, who were also the cast of Walking Shadows Vol. 1, for coming in last week as crew and/or cast to support the HFAS Class of ’22 (and Creator/Director, Sally McLean) while that new cohort of students filmed Walking Shadows Vol 2.

Shoutout to Christine Pearsall, Cassandra Valentine, Isaac Reid, Michelle Cooper & Tom Fitzgerald for crewing with such professionalism in Sound, Camera Assist, Continuity and Assistant Director roles (in some cases for all 6 days of the shoot!) and then donning their finery to join Maria England and Bridgette Kucher on screen on Saturday to reprise their roles from last year as part of the crowd. You were all stars and we are so grateful to all of you!

Huge thanks also to the incomparable Nathan Dalton of Raygun (pictured with Director, Sally McLean above) for being an absolute gun (pun intended) on set & shooting some truly beautiful footage, while juggling several other crew roles. It was truly an honour and a privilege, sir.

Finally, not pictured because … spoilers, huge thanks to the wonderful Sass Pinci for not only being our Sound Editor once again, but also jumping in front of the camera & knocking it out of the park. You are worth your weight in gold Sass!

And now the edit begins … stay tuned for more info as we can release it, but for now … that’s a wrap …