Incognita Enterprises is delighted to announce that our Creative Director, Sally McLean will be returning to teach her unique approach to Shakespeare performance via Zoom from Melbourne in 2023 with her popular 6 week course – “Playing The Bard: Shakespeare In Performance”!

Using the techniques developed over three seasons of developing and directing our critically acclaimed series, Shakespeare Republic, and new award-winning series Walking Shadows, as well as her years of experience playing Shakespeare, Sally’s teaching will enable actors to delve deep into Shakespeare’s text, create place and embody character, culminating in a live presentation of the work via Zoom for family, friends and invited guests in the final class.

More details on dates and times when we have them – stay tuned!

“Sally is born to teach and provides a safe, inspiring and creative work place. It was fun, challenging, exciting and inspiring to be a part of such a wonderful class. I highly recommend that everyone does this course. Being an actor, Sally understands so much more and her knowledge of Shakespeare is just phenomenal.”
Sarah HallamActor, Director & Casting Director
Photographs from various acting classes Sally McLean has taught, featuring some of her students and industry expert teachers
Photographs from various acting classes Sally McLean has taught, featuring some of her students and industry expert teachers
"I did this course as a refresher, but enjoyed other aspects i.e. warm up exercises, voice work, etc. (Sally) is friendly, approachable, informative and entertaining. Great paced class, informative and useful. It is well worth the money. Thank you, great work!"
Anita PhelanStudent, Weekly Acting Classes, Acting Up at The House


Incognita Enterprises' Creative Director, Sally McLean and Producer, Billy Smedley have both taught short courses/workshops and full term classes at various institutions, including Open Channel, Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia, Melbourne Acting Academy, Melbourne Web Fest and Acting Up at the House in subjects as diverse as web design, acting, producing, directing and Kung Fu!

In the works here at Incognita is a series of workshops and master classes, primarily focused on the film, television and theatre industries, taught by both Sally and Billy, along with other industry experts in areas such as producing, directing, assistant directing, acting and production management.  Sally will be teaching "Playing The Bard: Shakespeare In Performance" and "Creating Worlds: Producing Your Own Work", with full details to be revealed very soon.

If you're interested in joining any of these classes, subscribe to our newsletter to be the first in the know when the full details are announced. In the meantime, see the sections below for more information ...


Subjects to be covered include:

Playing The Bard (Shakespeare In Performance)
Creating Worlds: Producing Your Own Work
Acting As A Business
The Basics of Producing
Working With Talent: Director Fundamentals
Script Analysis for Directors
Understanding Shakespeare
Kung Fu Basics
Basic Stage Combat
Casting How-To for Emerging Directors
The Business of Auditioning
Running The Show: Fundamentals of Being An Assistant Director


Previous student feedback:

"Sally McLean's insights into the industry helped me take another step in my acting career. Sally helps you break down, understand and develop a character. Brilliant!!"
William MooreActor, 'Harry Ramsay' in "Neighbours"
"Learnt a lot about screen techniques I was unaware of. This workshop got my brain thinking on so many levels. The tutors made sure we knew what they were talking about - they didn't assume. Easy going, relaxed (and) helpful about the industry. Really enjoyed it - answered a lot of things I was unsure about."
Tammy deKauweActor, "City Homicide", "Candygirls", Producer, "Wrecking Plan", "Drone Wars"
"I learnt new little tid bits of information I didn't know before. A really informative, reaffirming and positive experience. Thank you!"
Sarah RyanActor, "Prisoner: Cell Block H"
"Now feel confident for auditions! I enjoyed myself today. Everything (casting agents, etc etc) seems a lot more accessible now!"
Michelle DrinnanActor, CEO Entertainment Australia
"It's such a good idea and I loved it - fun, helpful and a lot of feedback. Sally and Jo (Rippon) were so nice, friendly and open."
Jasna MedojevicActor, Businesswoman
"Sally is an excellent teacher. As an actor who has already trained full-time, I learnt more from her about the business of acting in one term, than I did from three years at college. I enjoyed my time with her immensely - the classes were run in a supportive and encouraging way, yet we were made to work - and work hard! It has been invaluable."
Rachel HarrisActor
"I definitely feel more secure and understand the relevance of certain techniques. Sally works with empathy and is very truthful, positive and concise. Fantastic!"
Janie ForsythActor, Writer
"Very good information. Tutors were very nice, very friendly. The "Audition" book is a fantastic source of information. It has really helped me see what I should focus on to get my acting career up and running. I really could have listened to Dina (Mann) all afternoon, thanks for giving me the opportunity to meet her. I would recommend this course to any aspiring actor - very informative and well prepared."
John Doran
"You took the myth out of auditions. Was a relaxed environment and felt safe all day. Listening works!"
Francesca SciaccaActor, "A Country Practice", Writer/Producer, "Summer Suit"
"Full of info and experience. Very open and willing to answer questions. Just as concise as any drama school lecturer. Very relevant for the actor wanting to go professional. Definitely very relevant to the industry."
Sarah PennActor, Director (Graduate of WAAPA, Master of Arts, Theatre Studies)
"The course really helped me to identify the areas where I have room to grow, it was also insipring and a confidence booster. I feel better equipped to take on the acting world ... all really practical stuff. Sally is an honest and insightful teacher who inspires you with her knowledge and experience, and to top it all off, she's genuinely interested in her students."
Belinda LackActor, "Beaconsfield", "Rush"
"Sally really sets everyone at ease. I enjoyed it immensely. Real world exposure is the ultimate lesson."
Arno VannActor, "Eraser Children"
"Excellent practical industry information. Found information to be critical for anyone even just considering acting."
Haylie DaymondActor
"Sally works with compassion, a sense of humour and with such immense experience that you feel like you're tapping into this vast well of knowledge that's bubbling over to help you be the best you can be! Incredibly inspiring. So much practical advice to take in - I'm ready to get back out there and go for it with confidence and new energy."
Emily AndrewsActor
"It was a great foundation to begin with and build from. It gave me the confidence to pursue it further. Thank you so much!"
Nancy Vits
"Sally is one of the most generous, inspiring and knowledgable people I've had the pleasure to know, and the main reason I've found the courage to follow this path."
Kirsten RiddellActor
"I can use all of these techniques as of today! I'm also feeling energised and inspired to get on with it."
Alicia LamaroActor
"Good use of life/real experiences. Instructive, fun and good introduction to acting."
Craig McFarlane
"I've learned more this weekend than I ever would've thought. A lot of practical, hands-on information. Sally is great! Very easy going and honest."
Ann-Marita GarsedMusician, "The John Kerwin Show" (USA), "Dancing With The Stars", "Good Morning Australia"
"Sensational. Great time usage. Dina (Mann) was amazing. Well done Sal, and thank you. Most impressed. The "Audition" book will be my new bible."
Peter FlahertyActor, "Bikie Wars: Brothers In Arms", "The Doctor Blake Mysteries", "Neighbours", "The Legend of Ben Hall"
"Great to chat with a Casting Director in a relaxed environment. Really helpful in confidence building to get back into the industry."
Sarah HaydenActor
"Lots of good and relevant info! I feel more confident about the whole audition process. Both Sally and Dina (Mann) were great to get to know and made the learning relevant and empowering."
Lola HowardActor
"It exceeded all my expectations. Sally was very well prepared and obviously spent much time making each lesson valuable and a learning experience for each student each week. (She) has high standards for herself and for her students - which makes you 'buy in' to the lesson each week 100%."
Kathleen RonchiGraduate, Melbourne University, B.Ed (Sec) in Drama, Dance & Literature, Actor, "Henderson Kids", "Prime Time", "Chances"
"(I was) quite nervous to enter, but Sally made me feel so relaxed and welcome. Thought it was fantastic - inspired me to keep going - re-ignited the old acting bug!"
Emma RushtonActor
"I learnt a lot! Very informative. The tutors were very approachable, friendly, made me feel at ease and they were happy to go over questions. Well done, keep it up!"
Pip Le BlondActor, 1812 Theatre Company
"Sally opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing acting as a profession. She's realistic, encouraging and brilliant. She also has a solid take on approaching the craft, which is practical and made total sense to me, and most of all, she makes it fun - hard work, but fun. She's hard on her students, but not unkind, just realistic and always manages to get more out of you than you knew you had"
Lily ThomasActor


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