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Next (Updated) Dates: September 9 – September 30, 2023
(for anyone booking after the Equity Foundation workshops – these are the correct new dates!)

Above: Clips of Sally McLean teaching in person as a guest industry teacher at Howard Fine Acting Studio

Incognita Enterprises is delighted to announce that our Creative Director, Sally McLean will be returning to teach her unique approach to Shakespeare performance, ONLINE via Zoom from Melbourne in 2023 with her popular 4 week course – “Playing The Bard: Shakespeare In Performance”!

Using the techniques developed over three seasons of developing and directing our critically acclaimed series, Shakespeare Republic, and new award-winning series Walking Shadows, as well as her years of experience playing Shakespeare, Sally brings all her experience and talent to this online live class to enable actors to delve deep into Shakespeare’s text, get grounded and embody character, while making Shakespeare’s language their own. And you can join her from anywhere in the world!

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“Sally is born to teach and provides a safe, inspiring and creative work place. It was fun, challenging, exciting and inspiring to be a part of such a wonderful class. I highly recommend that everyone does this course. Being an actor, Sally understands so much more and her knowledge of Shakespeare is just phenomenal.”

Sarah Hallam

Actor, Director, Acting Coach & Casting Director


Award-winning actor and director Sally McLean believes that Shakespeare is for everyone and has set out to prove that with her multi award-winning web series Shakespeare Republic (winner of over 60 international awards, named the Most Awarded Anthology Series globally in 2021, WSWC), as well as her short film Speaking Daggers (Awarded “Highly Commended” Finalist by Jury President, Sir Kenneth Branagh at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Film Festival, UK), working with actors such as Nadine Garner, Michala Banas, Scott Major, Christopher Kirby and Dean Haglund, among others. Sally will take students through the process she uses with her multi award-winning cast, exploring not only how to understand Shakespeare, but also personalise his words and characters to enable every actor to make his works truly their own.

In the first week of the course, students will be guided to understand the text and context of the pieces, the next two weeks will be spent delving deeper into the text and relevance of the work, embodying character in the given circumstances and making place – finally bringing it all together in the final class with a completed run of the work in full – all guided by Sally personally live online on Zoom, working with each actor individually and as a group.


“Sally is a gem of the industry. She proves that you don’t have to break the actor down to get results … her ability to speak specifically to one actor, and then translate that message in a meaningful way to the class is an enviable talent. Her continual support and individualised approach to each student is not only admirable, but sees demonstrable improvement from each student and a desire and drive to dive deeper into the work week after week.”

Phoebe Anne Taylor

Actor, Director, Writer & Producer


Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The class will be tailored to each student’s level of experience as needed.


Enthusiasm, no distractions during class and pen and paper for notes! Please also ensure you have a reliable internet connection, webcam and microphone to participate in the class.

Please note: Auditors/Observers will be live in the Zoom room with Sally and the performing participants, but will be asked to turn off their cameras & microphones during class.



“The time and effort Sally put into working with each individual performer said everything to me – everyone matters, everyone is important. Nothing was generic – everything was specific, an observation on the work you were doing right there and then. Sally is a total delight, supportive, and encourages you to push yourself further than you knew you could.”

Jaklene Vukasinovic

Actor, Producer & Leading Improvisation Teacher


Class schedule:

1 x 3 hour class per week for 4 weeks.

Class dates:

Melbourne, Australia time zone:
Saturday, 9 September 2023 – Saturday, 30 September 2023 at 12pm-3pm AEST

Los Angeles, USA time zone:
Friday, 8 September 2023 – Friday, 21 September 2023 at 7pm-10pm PDT

Auckland, New Zealand time zone:
Saturday, 9 September 2023 – Saturday, 30 September 2023 at 2pm-5pm NZST

Class costs:

  1. Cost for Performing Participants: $350/4 classes
  2. Cost for Auditor/Observing Participants: $100/4 classes
  3. Cost for Auditor/Observing Participants: $25/1 class (can be used for any one of the classes)

Space for both performing participants and auditors/observers is limited. Register now to reserve your spot.


All transactions are securely processed via PayPal. You will receive a confirmation email with a receipt from PayPal’s system once your transaction has gone through. The payment will be listed on your bank statement as “PAYPAL *SALLYMCLEAN” if you paid by credit card.

*Alternative payment via bank transfer – email to book and we can send you an invoice with payment details.


“Sally helped me to fall in love with Shakespeare again! This course made me feel like I didn’t have to be afraid of the text – but instead passionate and intrigued to learn about all aspects of Shakespeare. It was so beneficial. So glad I did it. No regrets whatsoever.”

Emily Svarnias

Actor & Singer

“The course helped me let go of any negative judgements I had about Shakespeare, and helped me to see how relevant his work is in a modern setting despite the language used. The course was a great learning environment with great people and I can’t wait to come back.”

Sidney Scott


“Loved every second of it! Sally has excellent teaching skills and understanding of people. Everything she said made sense and I felt like if I ever had any questions I could ask, she would never judge which made it an extremely nourishing learning environment. She also made it lots of fun … in the final open class, no part of me felt I was speaking ‘another language’, the words came out like everyday words, I felt natural saying them, I never expected that prior to the course.”

Laura Sutton

Actor & Stunt Performer

“Sally was great at speaking in layman’s terms so I could truly understand what was happening in the text. She has a great knowledge of Shakespeare and his world, as well as contemporary technique and merged the two seamlessly. If I was unsure of something, she would explain it in another way, instead of repeating her point with the same words – something that shouldn’t be taken for granted with teachers and directors alike.”

Mark Salvestro

Actor, Writer & Producer

“Sally was so lovely, understanding and supportive throughout which created a safe space to make mistakes and play … she didn’t tell us how to do something but gave us the tools to find our own way of doing it. I had no idea how to approach Shakespeare before and now I enjoy doing it a lot. Thank you Sally for everything!”

Sarah Riipa

Actor & Filmmaker

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