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To date, all our works have been created via crowd-funding, courtesy of our awesome supporters and/or sponsorship from equally awesome businesses, and while we will still do stand-alone crowdfunding campaigns via the Australian Cultural Fund and the Documentary Australia Foundation for individual projects from time to time, we are bringing all our projects together under Patreon to help us streamline the fundraising process and cover the day-to-day business expenses that our projects accrue, so that we can continue to create the work that you – our fabulous extended Incognita family – have come to know us for!

So, if you’d like to help support our ongoing work – starting for as little as US$2 a month – and get some awesome rewards that are exclusive to our Patreon Peeps*, just click on the button below to to go our Patreon profile, choose a Membership Level crammed with LOADS of interesting stuff you can’t get anywhere else and voila! You become one of our amazing, highly valued Patrons and the recipient of our deep gratitude and appreciation.

We look forward to officially welcoming you to the extended Incognita family!

Some notes regarding how Patreon works:

  • All Membership Tier Subscription Fees are in Australian dollars (because we’re based in Australia!).
  • In the interests of transparency, here’s how your monthly Membership Subscription gets shared between us and Patreon:
    • Patreon takes 8% of our earnings every month as an administration fee, plus processing fees for each transaction made through their system.
    • So, if you sign up to support us in our US$2 per month Membership Tier for example, Patreon take $0.16 (8%) + $0.20 (processing fee – 5% + $0.10) = $0.36 of your $2 monthly payment, leaving us with $1.64 per month.
    • If you join the US$5 per month Membership Tier, as another example, Patreon takes $0.40 (8% admin fee) + $0.45 (processing fee – 2.9% + $0.30) = $0.85 of your $5 monthly payment, leaving us with $4.15 per month.
    • Every tier below $3 is charged at the $2 rate example as outlined above, every tier above $3 is charged at the $5 rate example as outlined above.
  • You will be charged your monthly Membership Subscription as soon as you pledge to support us at the tier amount you choose. After that, you will be billed by Patreon on the 1st of every month.
  • All transactions are handled by Patreon on secure servers and according to your country of residence legal requirements
  • You can choose to stop payment to us at any time via your Patreon Membership account settings.

You can find Patreon’s Help Page for more information about the service here:

Thank you in advance for your support.

* We coined the phrase “Patreon Peeps”, it’s not an official Patreon term or title, but that’s likely how we’re going to refer to you from here in in … fair warning đŸ˜‰